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You were Given This Life Because You Are Strong To Live it.. Look for reasons why it will work, not reasons why it won’t.

About Us

About Us
Derek Consultant & Contractors provides  advice and planning. do in-depth work on formulating clients' strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their goals.

Our team are very organized about their approach to solving the client's problem and implementing the solution, soft skills, which are personal qualities that will help our client succeed.

You will make friends from all over the world We work with many different universities, from those found in France and England to Asian universities in Hong Kong and Thailand.

What You See You Believe, What You Believe Empowers You To Dominate Your Circumstances Surounding Your whole Life For A Supernatural & Generational Breakthrough.



 Pre Treatment Consultation, Discussion With The Doctor, Air Port Pick Up, Hospital Formalities, Transport, Post Treatment Consultation, Visa Letter, Accommodation, Translator. Touring

Treatment Facilitated, Cancer Treatment Heart Treatment, Kidney Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, Liver Transplant, Orthopedics, Neurology, Eurology, Pediatrics, Ent, Ophthalmology, Dental, Hair Transplant, Cosmetics, Ivf.

Study opportunities

 by 2021- location France
1) for adults all year round general courses as from 199 euros, university pathway as from 5600 euros, business courses as from 749 euro per-week, gastronomy/ wine testing courses as from euro1449/week
2) for group all year round, school trip as from euros499 per-week
for groups: kids & teens (July to August) euros118/week
3) for individuals day camp as from euros599/week, language camp as from euros849/week, immersion camp as from euros849/week, sailing & muiltysport camp as from euros999/week

Study opportunities by 2021- location UK, 

group educational tours. 

Group short time courses, certificate, Diploma, Bsc, Masters


Group Education Tours

Learning in Group packages- all round season.

Health Medical Tours/Travelling

Consulting on health tours/ Travelling to India

Football Trials Abroad

For interested football players who are looking for club Abroad.